Super Group

What is Super Group?

Super Group is a hybrid of personal training and group fitness.

After running Bridge City Boot Camp for 4 years, we discovered that the members who saw the best results, were the ones who came consistently, constantly challenged themselves and wanted to try more advanced exercises. What happened however is we couldn’t safely or responsibly teach 15-20 people how to squat, deadlift or bench press (for example) in a large class setting.

With Super Group, we are limiting each group to only 6 people. Not only can we teach proper technique, we can also show you through on-the-spot video analysis how you’re performing. This level of service typically only exists for personal training clients in any gym.

How is Super Group different from a boot camp?

Most boot camp classes operate with minimal equipment and in a timed-setting, meaning, you’ll perform an exercise for a certain length of time, then rest or perform a different exercise for the same amount of time, etc. You can absolutely get results from this type of training, but you can't safely incorporate complex movements when you're only going to be doing it for 20-45 seconds.

Unfortunately, most boot camps also have ‘stragglers’—people who believe that fitness can happen through osmosis. Instead of trying their hardest, they would rather lay on their mat or chat amongst themselves while everyone else works. This can create a toxic environment that ruins the experience for even your happiest members.

Super Group not only eliminates the time-based training, it also prevents the stragglers from getting in the door. By creating a concentrated, positive environment, there’s no room for whining. The group can also break apart and push at different tempos; the more advanced members can move on to the next exercise while the beginners finish up.

How is Super Group different from personal training?

Personal training is great for those that can afford it. For many however, $60-$90/session for a well-qualified trainer is simply too much. Super Group splits the attention of the trainer, but it also splits the cost. For six people, coming 5 days per week, it's only $375 per month.

We’ve discovered that many personal training clients love to workout with their friends; Super Group can not only allow you to train with your friends, but also still provide you with a directed, daily workout.

What times are available?

Right now, we have a group at 5:45am, 6:45am and 12:00pm, 5 days per week. While the 5:45am group is currently full, you can contact us to be put on the waitlist for an opening.

What if I only want to attend 2 or 3 days per week?

Super Group is most effective if you attend as many times per week as possible. If you only attend a certain number of days per week, that choice is entirely yours. We do not offer a discount for attending less days per week.

What if I miss a day? Do I still have to pay?

Yes, your monthly fee stays the same. 

If you join a gym and pay $60/month, you still pay $60 whether you only come once, or you come everyday. The value in Super Group is the same.

How much does it cost?

Super Group is $375/month, plus GST.

What is the training like?

Our trainers have worked with current, professional hockey players in the WHL, AHL, NHL, NCAA, EIHL and other European leagues, as well as professional MMA fighters, former beach volleyball athletes, ultra marathoners and more.

The training will loosely follow an off-season preparation camp, designed to cut fat, build muscle and increase cardiovascular ability. Each day will follow a pre-determined program designed to tax your body, but not overdo the training from the previous day(s). This means your legs might feel like jello when you leave, but you won’t be expected to run a marathon the next day.

We also encourage testing your newfound strength, so if you want to try and see what your 1 rep max is on a lift, we’ll be able to spot & coach you through the lift.

All of the training can be scaled based on your skill, fitness level and any pre-existing injuries.

I don’t want to get big and bulky, I want to look lean and toned.

A low body fat percentage and well-defined muscles is what makes a woman (or man) look lean and toned. Unless you’re taking anabolic drugs, you will not suddenly look big and bulky. The women on the covers of magazines like Oxygen lift far heavier weights than what they are posing with in the photos.

I have some additional questions, how do I contact you?

You can reach us through our Contact page

How do I signup?

Send us a message or give us a call and we'll be more than happy to speak with you!