How are you different from other Personal Trainers?

We're real people: We don't "live in the gym" or pretend that having a six-pack is the epitome of fitness. We know what it's like to be injured and how fitness in your forties differs from your twenties. We've also trained professional athletes currently on TV, fitness competitors and have ourselves entered (and won) fitness and bikini model competitions.

We don't pretend that artificial sweeteners are "calorie free" and we won't make you buy protein shakes from Instagram.

We don't rely on a machine circuit to get the work done, and we certainly don't download our workouts from the Internet. Since 2010 we've been helping our clients meet or exceed their goals while fostering positive self-image and a genuine enthusiasm for physical fitness. Our job is to transform you into someone who loves being active.

What makes you better than a public gym?

Since we're in a private gym, there's no waiting for equipment, jostling for position or wandering eyes from across the room. Everyone is a training client and knows each other on a first name basis. The gym is also immaculate; no rusted machines, broken dumbbells or holes in the rubber floor.

Open gym memberships are not sold, you must have an appointment with a trainer.

What about my old injury?

All clients must be cleared for physical activity before beginning any new fitness program. If you have a nagging injury or something you just never had looked at, we will modify all exercises as needed and refer you to a competent physical therapist, chiropractor or registered massage therapist from our professional network.

What if I can't afford it?

We offer affordable small group training packages, self-directed programs and monthly by-donation community classes. We're also fully certified trainers and an incorporated business, so we're able to provide receipts to remit for your corporate wellness benefits.

Do I have to come forever?

Absolutely not. Having said that, we have watched clients' children go from rambunctious ten year olds to University students in the time we've been training them. Some clients will come and go as they can afford it, others will strike out on their own once they're confident in their personal abilities. A few will decide they want to try something else and others will come back after years of doing nothing.

We don't lock clients into year-long commitments or try to sell a 100-pack Personal Training sessions, because that's not how we would want to be treated. We'd love to see you everyday and help you reach your goals as fast as possible, but there's more to life than just the gym.

What do you think about this diet or this training program?

While we tend to have an opinion about a lot of things, everyone will gravitate towards what they like. Some people love yoga, others love CrossFit. Eating zero carbs works for some people, others do intermittent fasting. We're not going to stop you from doing 100 burpees before bedtime or living on a diet of almonds and cold-pressed juice, but if you ask what we think, we'll politely share our thoughts with you. Like all things in life, you won't really know until you try it.

I really want to look like Carla. Is this realistic?

Yes, but it's a lot of work. Carla maintains her physique year-round by eating a balanced diet, supplementation, regular massage appointments and daily exercise-- rain, shine or snow. At 47, Carla puts most 20-something "fit chicks" to shame. She isn't motivated by social media Likes, Hearts or Shares, she's internally motivated to look her best while still being able to enjoy ice cream, bowls of pasta and bags of chips. Instead of feeling guilty for eating all that pizza tonight, she recognizes that she'll have to work a little harder or run a little further tomorrow. It's not about eating fake food or having three protein shakes a day. It's real food and real work.


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